Brauna Rosen I have been a professional jeweler for over two decades and pioneered many of the popular trends in costume jewelry. In 1980s, my “steampunk” pins created using spare watch parts became a “must have” accessory on the Lower East Side and eventually became a nationwide phenomena as other creatives embraced the aesthetic.

Feeling the need to bring new elements into my jewelry, I have spent the last five years mastering fabrication, wax carving and other fine jewerly crafting techniques.  My original, one of a kind works are fabricated and crafted in silver and gold and often feature semi precious stones as well as found objects.

 I have created a new Jewelry line in more affordable materials which have the artistic sensibilities of my original work, but can be purchased at a fraction of the price. My Talismans for Modern Times collection is on display at the New York Gift Show.

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